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FX-Custom desk (pre amps only)

Universal Audio 6176

Universal Audio 4-710

Empirical Labs Distressor

D.A.V. Electronics, The Broadhurst- Gardens No.1 Dual Pre Amplifier

5X "Tapio Rantanen" hand built LA 2 A type compressors



3 x Beyer Dynamic TG D35

2 x Shure KSM 44

Röde NTK

Beyer Dynamic TG D71

Shure Beta 91

Shure Beta 98

Shure H 55 S

Yamaha MZ 204 & MZ 205

Yamaha SubKick

Beyer Dynamic M 201 TG

Octava MK-012A matched stereo pair

6 x Beyer Dynamic Opus 87

sE Electronics SE 1 A matched stereo pair

2 x Audio Technica AT 2020

2 x Audio Technica ATM 25

2 x T-Bone RB 105 ribbon's

Some other brands and hand built mikes...



I'm using Cubace 5 with RME Fireface 800 with Steinberg AD/DA converter

UAD 2 Quadra plugins

Yamaha speakers

Fender Bases

Yamaha vibraphone

Lots of different percussion instruments





miri miettinen
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