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The drums I like to use

On tour with Laurence Jones I was using Yamaha Beech Custom drums. 22" BD,12" rack and 14" floor tom. Toms have Remo Coated Emperors on top and Clear Ambassadors on bottom. BD has a Remo Power Stroke 3 clear batter head.

In the studio I like to mix different drums and even different makes. I mostly have Yamaha drums, but there is some other brands also. But I do still have my first kit, old Yamaha D-20 from 1967 "Red Thunder". And I have to say, it's still one of the best drums I've ever played!

But then, different music needs different tools... The "Red Thuder" is good for all around Blues, Pop, and dance music. It's easy to play even with symphony "Pop-Orchestras". Great warm tone, big sound. it is my main kit with Ben Granfelt Band.

Yamaha Absolute Maple Custom is a great work horse also. It can take a beating! I used that set for a lot with touring and recording with Ben Granfelt band.

With Ben (my former band mate from Gringos Locos) I also use the "Gringos" set (pictured). It's a kit we orderd from Yamaha with out the paint. Just the shells and the hard ware. My oldest band member, my best friend since 1973 Edu Kettunen painted it with South American "Inka" figures. And it's a Recording Custom.

The Yamaha Rock Tour Custom is my "fusion kit". It has 5 toms from 8" to 16". 22" BD. I used that for Ben Granfelt also.

My next kit that I like to record with is a hand made by Pasi Tenhunen, a Finnish drum maker. He made me a "Keller" shell kit with a 20" and 24" bass drums and 4 toms. I really like that 24" " Mr Pig". It works great with pop stuff.

The DW (20" 10" 12" 14") I've got has a big and round sound. Very "lively". Great for pop and rock! Likes low tuning...

The Sonor Rosewood from the 70's. I bought it from my great mentor and teacher Casey Sheuerell from P.I.T. He used it for tours with Jean Luc Ponty and recorded Chaka Kahn's version of Night In Tunisia with it. Very thick shells. No boom, just a tight and clear sound. It's got 22" BD and 8,10,12,14,16 Toms.

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